I’m a Lexingtonian committed to preserving our values and promoting our city’s growth.

Community and Family

“Community is staying connected, engaged, and responsible for the welfare of others. Change starts with strengthening our community.”
– Denise Gray

Caring about the welfare of others is important. I believe a true community is being concerned for others, being connected, and being responsible for what happens in it. Between my time working with youth, or advocating for policy, I’ve been driven to strengthen our communities and families.


“When you have integrity, you make decisions that are in the best interest of those you lead. I want you to know that I want to work for and with YOU.” – Denise Gray


Being honest, reliable, and trustworthy are characteristics of a true leader. I want the voters to know that I’m a community leader that wants to know your concerns and solutions. I want us to work together to reinforce and build our community in the future.


“Justice is as much about grace as it is the consequence. Although we live in the same community, we do not all have the same access to services and opportunities.”  


I have a passion for justice and have always been a person who will speak up for others. I will work to ensure the playing field is leveled and that our most vulnerable citizens can be uplifted. 


“Fear is an abstract concept. I have learned to push that feeling of fear aside and speak up even when I stand face-to-face with the toughest challenges.”


Like you, I have faced challenges and have grown from them. I want to hear your challenges and fearlessly work with you to conquer them. 


I’m a Lexingtonian committed to preserving our values and promoting our city’s growth.

Hello! I’m Denise Gray, and I’m a candidate for Lexington Urban County Government City Council’s 6th District. 

I was born and raised in Lexington, and I’ve seen how our district has transitioned with time. One thing that hasn’t changed is our sense of community. 

Let’s enrich our district and our city together.

I want to take our community values to City Hall and represent my neighbors who live, work, and play in Lexington.

We are diverse, fast-growing, and rich in history. I hope to earn your trust and your vote! 


The 6th District

Lexington recently adjusted district boundaries. There were only a few changes to our 6th district. Check out the map below, or use this tool to enter your address and confirm which district is yours.

Where's My District?

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