Over the course of this campaign, I will outline my thoughts on the issues that matter to those of us in the 6th District. You can see the first set below. In the meantime, please email me below with questions that are important to you.

We are neighbors, and I am so excited to start this conversation with you. 

Housing Affordability

It is a fact that the population has increased over the last several decades. Unfortunately with the growth in population, many Lexingtonians are unable to afford to purchase homes or rent. Essentially, Lexington is becoming too expensive, even for lifelong residents of our fair city.

I believe it is imperative that we evaluate current and future housing costs.

Safe, Sane & Equitable Access to Transportation

Many residents of the 6th District have expressed deep concern of the lack of sidewalks and traffic on Liberty Road and a general neglect of the roadways in several 6th District neighborhoods. We must also ensure our walkways and parking areas are accessible to our fellow Lexingtonians with disabilities.

Civic Engagement & Staying Informed

Your elected officials answer to you, the citizens of our district, and of Lexington. I believe your city council members should be reachable to answer your questions. For this reason, I plan to stay connected to you by using new technology that allows you to use the internet to submit questions where I can record a video answering those questions. I also plan to host periodic zoom townhalls and events to allow you to be seen and heard.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

As we all know, Lexington is growing. With this growth, it is necessary to ensure people of different racial identities, religions, sexual orientations, and cultures feel welcome. Therefore, LFUCG should ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion are a priority.

Community Safety

I believe it is necessary we feel safe in our neighborhoods from harm or theft. Many residents of the 6th District have expressed anxiety regarding the increase of tent communities, drug activities, and thefts in our neighborhoods and businesses in our district. 

I believe in order to improve, we must work together with organizations,  the Lexington Police Department, and other agencies within LFUCG.

Our Youth

I believe our next generation of leaders deserve every opportunity to be successful, no matter their zip code. Youth previously had opportunities for employment, classes to learn life skills, such as how to create and keep a budget, and social gatherings hosted by MicroCity Government and Park and Recreations. 

I would like to see more programs offered similar to what MicroCity Government and Park and Recreations once offered. I would also like our parks to be more accessible. We need to keep our children engaged in positive and safe activities.

Economic Development

Lexington will continue to face budget pressure once federal covid money is gone. We will need to consider if and how the fundamentals of our regional economic outlook have changed. However, one key principle we must remember: by making Lexington an attractive place to raise a family, we’re making Lexington an attractive place for businesses to spring up. We do not want to waste our time on corporate give-aways that don’t actually work in recruiting businesses

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