At least 28 current and former educators are running for a seat in the Kentucky state legislature.


Charlotte Goddard, district 2, Democrat

Joy Gray, district 7, Democrat

Jim Glenn, district 13, Democrat

Scott Lewis, district 14, Republican

David Graham, district 17, Republican

Patti Minter, district 20, Democrat

Tom Williamson, district 25, Democrat

Ronel Brown, Sr., district 29, Democrat

Josie Raymond, district 31, Democrat

Tina Bojanowski, district 32, Democrat

Lisa Willner, district 35, Democrat

Linda Belcher, district 49, Democrat

Cathy Carter, district 55, Democrat

Ryan Neaves, district 69, Democrat

R. Travis Brenda, district 71, Republican

Matthew Anderson, district 82, Republican

Debra Ferguson Payne, district 86, Democrat

Dustin Allen, district 87, Democrat

Kelly Smith, district 89, Democrat

Keith Hays, district 89, Republican

Russell Halsey, district 97, Republican


Crystal Chappell, district 6, Democrat

Bob Glenn, district 8, Democrat

Paula Setser-Kissick, district 12, Democrat

Carolyn DuPont, district 22, Democrat

Denise Gray, district 28, Democrat

Jeanie Smith, district 32, Democrat

Susan Haddix, district 34, Democrat

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