LEXINGTON, Ky. — Two Crawford Middle School educators are taking their passion for the success of their students from the classroom to the legislative process. Denise Gray and Cathy Carter have filed to run for offices in the upcoming statewide elections in November.

“Many of them are excited to see someone that looks like them, someone from a similar background and who grew up from the same part of town, deciding to step up and lead,” said Denise Gray, Kentucky State Senate candidate for the State District 28 seat. “It’s an honor to be someone they can look up to.”

This is Gray’s first year as a special needs educator at Crawford. In addition to her work in the classroom, she coaches the middle school dance team where she invests in her students’ after school as well. She previously taught at Booker T Washington Intermediate Academy and Harrison Elementary School.

Gray described one of her best moments since announcing her candidacy. “I loved the response from an 8th grade student whom had never shown a lot of emotion toward me. When he found out that I had filed to run he said ‘Thank you Senator Gray for running.’ The children are watching. I want my students to know that good things come from the Northside of Lexington.” 

Carter, a 30-year veteran educator, also wants to send a message to their students. “I hope to send a message to students at our school and across the district about the importance of having your voice heard in our democratic process. Denise and I want to serve as role models and stand up for what we believe to be the right thing to do.”

Gray and Carter, who is running for the House District 55 seat, join 17 other educators who are running for statewide raises in Kentucky amid a variety of education issues on center stage in Frankfort including the defunding of public schools, jeopardizing state employee pensions, and upending education standards.

“As educators, we see how legislation has a direct impact on our students,” Carter said. “We know that whatever bills we choose to support or author have consequences for all students across Kentucky.”
“I want my students to see that you get involved and make a difference,” Gray added. “Just by being in the race, we are showing our students that they can set goals and reach for their dreams as well. We want to give them something to aspire too. As educators, we want to be role models for all children in Kentucky. No matter where you come from you can be a part of making the world a better place.”

For more information, visit the official campaign website at www.DeniseGray4KY.com.